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Hello and welcome to Designer Mamas!

My name is Nicole and we are delighted to offer women gorgeous birthing gowns for their labour, delivery & recovery.  They provide a real alternative to the hospital issued gowns we all know but do NOT love!

Having had 4 children myself, 2 naturally and 2 caesarian, I understand exactly what it’s like to be a pregnant woman and a new mum in an unfamiliar setting. Through my own experience I recognised a real need for pregnant women in hospital to feel more feminine and comfortable at such a special time in their life.

I never expected I would end up with an emergency caesarian with my 3rd birth so I packed all pants for after the birth and I found them extremely uncomfortable because they rested right on the wound line.  The Dr then coming in each day checking, it was difficult to make sure you pull the pants up and over the wound so as to not cause any more pain than necessary.  I would have done anything to have a beautiful dress like gown to put on that was comfortable, practical and not hideous looking.

Yes hospitals do provide you with a gown, however it is ghastly in both design and style!   They usually tie at the back (with very large gaps in between the ties!) and tie up at the shoulders, again with large gaps in between.  There is a lot of flesh exposed when you already feel quite vulnerable.

I created Designer Mamas as I believe in the need for women to feel beautiful at a time that can be unknown, frightening and wonderful all at the same time.  It is not everyday a woman gives birth and we should encourage them to feel good on such a special day.

It is my personal goal to make you look and feel amazing and make your experience just a little more special.


Director & Chief Mama

Here are a few pictures showing you my hideous hospital gowns (complete with tissue from crying!)

IMGP2488.JPG  DSC00809.JPG 

And here is my 4th baby with my gorgeous gown.... so much happier :)


p.s.  I love hearing about your birth stories and experiences as well as receiving suggestions or feedback on my website or the product itself.  Thank you so much for sending in your photos, you all look so gorgeous in your gowns and I just LOVE to see the new babies!

Designer Mamas is always happy to hear from our clients– if you’d like to share your experience or photos with the rest of our Sassy Mama’s we would love to hear from you and see the photos of your special day.

Simply email us at  designermamas@bigpond.com


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