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Q. Can I breastfeed in my Gown?
A. Yes. The sleeves unsnap for nursing your newborn with ease and minimal exposure.

Q. Does the gown cover my backside?
A. Yes our gowns have snap locks all the way down the back so we've got you covered!

Q. How many gowns should I buy?
A. Most new mums like to have two, one to wear during your delivery and one to put on after you've showered, or whenever you might expect visitors.

Q. Will I only be able to use my gown once?
A. NO!  You can wear your gown as a nightie whilst you are pregnant and also as a nightie once you are home and feeding your new baby.  They also make a great day/summer dress and we've even had a customer wear hers as a dress to her baby shower!

Q. Is the ribbon belt optional?
A. Yes, every gown has a coordinating ribbon belt. It is great for pulling in any extra fabric after delivery and for looking great in all those photos!

Q. If I'm having a c-section will I still be able to wear my Gown?
A. This is something you would need to check with your particular Dr and hospital.  Hospitals typically provide a gown to use during the c-section, but you may wear your Gown while recovering and for the duration of your hospital stay. They are great for nursing.

Q. How do I care for my Gown?
A. We recommend washing the gown a couple of times before use. Our gowns will typically become softer after a few washes.

Q. Are there any other uses for a Designer Hospital Gown?
A. Yes. Our gowns are great for any hospital stay and make great gifts to help lift spirits for patients during their recovery!

What size should I buy?

All gowns are available in 3 sizes and are based on your pre-pregnancy size:

S/M (Sizes 8 - 12)

L/XL (Sizes 14 - 16)

1X Plus size (Sizes 18 - 20ish)

Our gowns are generous in size and are not made to be a fitted garment.  They are designed with a 9 month pregnant woman in mind and for your ultimate comfort during labour and delivery.  For expectant mothers of twins or multiples we suggest going up one size.  Any extra material after birth can then simply be gathered in with the gorgeous ribbon tie.